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Exhibitions/assignments 2017:
International Public art festival, Salt River mural 10-19 February
Calais Ommiberg  wine festival, mural 3-5 March
KUNIFRANK Season 2 Cape Town, Orms Photography school 16-17 March
KUNIFRANK Season 2 Ystad, Konstrundan 13-17 April, live painting 13-15 April
Live painting, The Block, Cape Town 7 May
D-core design gallery,group exhibition, Cape Town 31May
Live painting,Wolfkop Weekender, 4 June
Ana Kuni is Ukrainian-born artist currently based in Cape Town

Her free spirit reflects in the work she creates, due to constant traveling and environment change.Ana started modeling at the age of 15 and her career took her around the world, building the character and opening her mind to endless possibilities, planting a fundament for creativity and self expression .

There is strong character, constantly featured in her work- The Warrior Woman, who Ana describes as "Conscious, Compassionate, Creative being living in harmony with inner and outside world".This Warrior  takes her own shape, appearing on the walls around Cape Town, Ystad, Ibiza, Kiev as a mural, as well as making her way on the streets, being painted on fashion items. The character has the live of her own, pursuing one goal-to inspire,uplift and encourage us to be brave,fierce and authentic.
Previous shows:
"Its a Wild Thing" solo exhibition, Union, Cape Town
The Perfect World Foundation auction, Gothenburg
The British Cross Foundation auction, London
"Untitled" solo exhibition, CAAM gallery
GQ feature of original work, United Kingdom
Illustration for Africa day, Elle SA
"Rainbow GirlZ" group exhibition, Buitenkant, Cape Town
The Perfect World Foundation auction, Gothenburg
"Blue feeling" mural, San Jose, Ibiza
"Shia" mural, Shio izakaya, De Waterkant, Cape Town
KUNIFRANK Season 1 show, Orms Photography School, Cape Town
"Illustrators" Wetink gallery, Woodstock, Cape Town
Gender Hopes Foundation auction, Monaco
The Perfect World Foundation auction, Gothenburg