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KuniFrank is a creative duo consisting of Ukrainian model/artist Ana Kuni and 

Swedish photographer/artist Linnea Frank.
Girls have met in Cape Town after Ana stalked Linnea’s work on Instagram, proposing to meet for a shoot. Connecting instantly,they started experimenting with the idea of combining their talents and it led them to the first collaborative exhibition in February 2016. Receiving great feedback from the public and forming a small support group of other creative women around the world, they decided to keep exploring the idea of "Creative Sisterhood" in a "non-competitive environment" and explore it in depth.

They spent a year traveling around deserts and remote places, reconnecting to Nature and searching for authentic voices. Being in the wild helped them to gather great content to work with for a next show but also enriched the strong message they carry throughout their work - In search of Warrior Girl. The main character of the exhibition is born into the Wild, blends into the deep seas and red earth like a chameleon, She is one with trees and animals, and her soul is present in every move and every sound. She is the one who knows. Her shape is always changing and her moves are not limited by time or place. She is the unlimited source of inspiration and a Mother to all.She teaches us to flow freely, accepting life as it is and to bite fiercely when the moment demands it.

Main body of work consists of squares equally shared between the artists, which is a play material for an imaginative eye.They are displayed in groups of four, suggesting a story board for a viewer to wonder about, but if you could see past the boarders, the story becomes your own.

. There is no similarity in their styles :Ana is using watercolor, acrylics, spray paint and pigments and Linnea works with photographs and multiple layers. Yet, when combined together, the new energy is born and Femininity is re-imagined and enhanced.

They chose different materials for their work to saturate the colors and textures. Just as in nature the sun would play on the surface of the water - copper, brass and metal bring light to their works making it alive and dynamic. The nature of material is changing with time and might add its touch to the work which is a sign of Life and a reminder that nothing ever stays the same and everything constantly changes.