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When two creative minds get together and combine their talents, the sky is the limit!!!  I stumbled upon Linnea Frank's instagram page and fell in love with her photography style straight away. Then later I noticed she is doing art pieces on metal.I was also working with metal at the time and suggested her to collaborate on a project.We worked together on our first art show that was a massive success, creating our own brand KUNIFRANK. Since February 2016 we have done numerous of projects together,travelled to exotic destinations, collecting material for our upcoming show in December 2016.    

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Panda Creatives

We've had Ayeh Khalatbari visiting us for a day and capturing these special moments of me and my little Panda painting . We are the most creative when working together and any surface is a  canvas.She is painting on my foot while I am making a salad, then goes off to the garden to finish her Panda piece with spray paint.Moments like this are full of magic and pure love  

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